The Vision of Vision Group

Vision Group sees trade differently. The Group seeks out all sectors appropriate to the targeted market and cultivates the local economies of the partners involved.

Vision sees itself as intricately implicated in building the new Egypt. By establishing an interactive link between Egyptian products and the African and Arab markets, the company is also working to link African and Arab markets to each other.

More exports mean economic growth, creating more jobs, more factories, and new business. Vision Group takes its social responsibility as seriously as its turn-around. 


Vision Group believes that a stronger Egypt benefits Africa, and a stronger Africa empowers Egypt. The rooted regional and cultural identity of the company also ties it to the Arab world in Asia.

While Vision Group is implementing one country at a time, its long-term project involves a progressive expansion to include key countries throughout the Africa-Middle East region.
Starting with Sudan and Saudi Arabia, with short-range goals to open activities in Ethiopia and Uganda, Vision Group is devoted to investing its success into cooperative growth in two continents.


The best business strategy involves knowing the people who drive industry, by :

• identifying the needs of the target country          

• seeking out knowledge of the competition

• building a network of human and institutional trust.

Vision Group works closely with governmental chambers and industry associations to establish cooperation in improving mutual market share in the face of more monopolistic market forces.

Local competitors thus become our local partners, and our best assets.