A History of Vision Group
Trend: Vision’s First Success Story

Starting with one Egyptian trade fair, the stock market expo Trend, Vision has now reached nine annual industry trade fairs in four different countries, expanded its activities and spun off the first convention success into its own company.

Trend had no competitors, and was so fruitful that by 2008 it was incorporated as a sister company.

In addition to sponsoring its annual show and maintaining up-to-the-minute information through a unique web interface, Trend runs four training programs a year with 800 students for each course.

Sudan: A Vital Partnership

The first foreign show, Nile Leather, was held in Sudan in 2007. Vision Fairs has since paved an export highway between the two nations.

In 2011, seven of Vision Fairs’ nine trade conventions will be held in Khartoum. 

The Creation of Vision Group

In addition, Vision Group was created in 2011 to house Vision Fairs Egypt and three new Sudanese companies:

• Nile Trade Center, an export development activity

• Vision Creative, a media agency

• Vision Limited , the Sudanese arm of the trade fair activity

 Expansion: Up and Out

Likewise, Vision Fairs Egypt has added two branches to its portfolio.

• the Khartoum showroom NTC (2010)
• the commercial department (2011)

By the end of 2011, Vision Group will apply the Sudanese prototype to Saudi Arabia to target not just the Saudi market, but the entire region.

The foundations are being laid for applying this model to Ethiopia and Uganda within two years.

Global Exhibitions On the Rise

According to UFI, the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry, the trade fair industry has survived the economic crisis and is currently pointed upwards.

In a survey released in June 2011, the "7th Global Barometer Survey", 30-60% of the trade show industry has benefitted from more than 10% growth for 2010, and the industry in the Africa-Middle East region remained stable throughout the crisis.

Vision Group expects its business conventions, commercial export departments and local showrooms to build up the Egyptian, African and Arab economies dramatically over the coming years.