• Sudan Aquatech
Khartoum International Fair Ground, SUDAN
Sudan is rapidly developing into one of the key regional players in the water industry. Total renewable water measures 149km3, of which 37km3 is currently in use.

Vast natural resources in the heart of an area plagued by desertification, including two-thirds of the Nile, major tributaries, five open air lakes, three underground basins and an additional 30,750km2 subterranean lake discovered in the Darfur region in 2007 have set international eyes on Sudan as a future water exporter and a pivotal agent in resolving regional water concerns.

Foreign investments have been pouring into Sudan’s water industry this year from Asia, Europe, international organizations and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development for water treatment, dams, competency building, irrigation technologies and well-drilling.

In addition, as most existing dams are functioning well below the 335 mw capacity, the growth potential for hydro-electric power is significant.