• Sudan Agrotech
Khartoum International Fair Ground, SUDAN
Agriculture represents 40% of Sudan’s GDP, and 80-90% of its non-oil export revenue. The rich soil and abundant water resources of its cultivable surfaces make up 34-42% of the total country area, of which only 15-16% is currently farmed. Thus, Sudan’s agricultural industry has enormous potential for sustained growth.

Sudan houses the 2nd largest irrigated area in all of Africa, following Egypt. Half of the country’s agriculture comes from the irrigated surfaces, the irrigation potential of the country being estimated at 2.78 million hectares. 

Sudan is the 3rd largest exporter of sugar, and a major exporter of cotton. Other principal cash crops include sesame, peanuts, sugarcane, dates, citrus fruits, mangoes, coffee and tobacco. Extended savanna make Sudan a prime producer of meat with regard to quality, quantity and price.

The 2011 special report on Sudan by USIP indicates agriculture as perhaps the most promising industry for development in Sudan today, surpassing even the oil industry.