• Khartoum Auto Show
Khartoum International Fair Ground, SUDAN
The Sudanese automotive industry has seen enormous development over the last 10 years. The state-run car factory which is in the 4th place in the Arab World for automobile production.

The company had signed a number of international contracts with M.A.N. (German), Renault (French), Hyundai (Korean), Nissan (Japanese), Massey-Ferguson (Anglo-American), Yuejin & Modan (Chinese), Sunny April (Chinese) as well as some Turkish and Iranian car companies for assembly, sale and after-sale services. Investment programs for feeding projects, including incentives for foreign investment and injecting company assets, come to the tune of US$ 150 million for exhaust pipes, injected body parts, fiberglass, filters, radiators, tires and glass. Sudan is also an important importer of foreign cars and parts. Sudan has been on the forefront regarding clean energy, having already begun the production of ethanol from sugarcane in 2009. In May 2011, a resolution was drawn up for the further development of ethanol and ethanol-driven cars.