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Khartoum International Fair Ground, SUDAN
At least 10 million Sudanese have mobile connectivity, representing a shot from less than 10% of the population in 2005 to almost 40% in 2009.

Telecom revenue has tripled, but has still not reached more than 3% of GDP. Personal computer ownership now covers around 10% of the Sudanese, and the industry concerns more than 4 million internet users as of 2009.Sudan is ahead of many African nations in telecommunications, but the south is for the moment drastically underserved. The Goss, which eyes membership in the EAC since the separation vote, may well be pressured to invest significant funds in infrastructure, as its regional neighbors are putting forth US$ 400 million in mobile connectivity this year, with cables covering more than 20,600 km. The new Sudanese government met with the CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization) in February 2011 to set up a 3-year strategic plan. Sudan has two major fixed phone operators, 3 mobile operators and 23 internet service providers. Given both market gaps and global projections, the growth potential is necessarily high.