• AFRO print expo
Khartoum, Sudan

The printing and packaging industries in Sudan has recently enjoyed a growth rate of 8% while other industries contributed to the GDP by 30%, yet it’s a rapidly growing sector in the industry that is ripe for development. There is a strong need for Sudan’s printing industry to develop significantly.

 The Secretary of Sudan’s Chamber of Printing, stressed on the importance of lifting up production facilities to international standards, the insertion of marketing culture and constant improvement of the product, with a clearly etched out plan about the programs that can be implemented. Sudan’s Ministry of Industry has recently expressed its willingness to establish a partnership of US$ 2.5 million with the Industrial Development Bank to advance the printing and packaging business.
The Nile Print Expo is Sudan’s premier event for printing and packing industries, designed to create a direct link between all entities related to the printing & packing industries in order to facilitate relationships and achieve cooperation & integration between printers, suppliers and prospective buyers. Nile Print Expo is based in Khartoum, the heart of the African continent, with a goal of expanding our exhibitors’ vision to new horizons and shedding light on promising opportunities and serious deals. Our main aim is to connect African markets together with global markets.