• Egy Stitch & Tex
Cairo International Conference Center, EGYPT
The Egyptian textile industry, with its deep traditions, fine long-fiber cotton and ideal agricultural environment have made it the symbol of excellence and luxury the world over. Egypt and the U.S. are the only producers of long- and extra-long-staple cotton, holding equal parts of the global market share at 45% each.

 Egyptian cotton varieties Giza 86, 89 and 90 and the extra-long Giza 45, 87 and 88, known for their resistant characteristics and comparable to U.S. Pima cotton, are spun into the finest quality yarns. Egyptian market setbacks since 2008-2009, when production fell by 74%, can be attributed to fluctuating international prices and to competition with the U.S. subsidized industry. In 2010-2011, Egypt exported 2.2 million kantars of raw cotton, 80% of production. The domestic textile industry needs 4 million kantars to keep factories running. For the August harvest 500,000 feddans of cotton have been cultivated, up from 316,000 in 2010. The crop should reach 4 million kantars, just the amount needed to run domestic operations if spinning and weaving facilities are upgraded for processing the luxury domestic cotton yield.