A Word from the CEO
When Vision Fairs started, my goal was simply to raise the global market share of Egyptian products. Over time, that vision began to change.

When we started working in Sudan, for example, it became clear that it was not enough to improve the Egyptian position; for long-term success, we needed to work for the development of the Sudanese industries as well.

We have very strong assets because we have power and a network of deep relational ties to governmental ministries in four countries: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. 

Considering the company objectives and model, we believe that we will grow as Africa and the Arab World grows, with potential to become one of the biggest organizers of exhibitions in the Middle East.

Above all, we want our exhibitions to be effective in each industry, and effective in the country’s economic life. Regarding Egy Stitch & Tex, for instance, we are committed to this expo serving as a spring-board for revitalizing the textile industry in Egypt. 

Lastly, Vision Fairs is moving towards a truly international representation. Having planted the seeds and necessary infrastructure with governmental organizations, we are now investing in our international pavilions and expect to see at least 50% international participation in our exhibitions within the next few years.